Welcome to AdventureWP!

My name is Lou Wheeler, and I’m glad to have you onboard for whatever shenanigans we get into here. I’m a tech enthusiast and long-time fan of WordPress and building websites. While I’ve been running the current handful of sites for a few years now I’ve really been reinvigorated in the WordPress scene recently and felt that it might do some good to start getting some content out that can help people who might be running into the same hurdles as I have been.

A bit about me

While it’s rarely been my day job, I’ve been playing around with building websites for a long time. I first started with HTML text editors like Hotdog back in the mid/late 90s, moving on to Frontpage and then Dreamweaver. I converted my static HTML personal and music websites over to PHP-Nuke when that was the cool thing to do. After some time with that (and some Livejournal, won’t lie), I found WordPress and realized that this was where content publishing was going.

But I like shiny things and started playing around with Drupal and Joomla on various projects. After a while, I realized that WordPress was still easier for almost everything I was doing and converted everything over to WordPress around 2008 and haven’t looked back since.

Anything other than WordPress and internets?

Outside of the web/tech world, I’m usually checking out new interesting restaurants with my girlfriend (who also makes amazing food in her own right) or playing with our cats, Vader and Kenji. I have a passion for music (mostly metal), disc golf, Star Wars, terrible memes, and writing really bad About pages.

I’m sure I’ll replace this eventually with something not terrible. But until then… Again, welcome to AdventureWP!